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Welcome to Rozilo, Inc. a rising star in designing and building mobile apps, tablet apps, and mobile websites. Located in the hip meatpacking district on the west side of Manhattan, we at Rozilo keep our fingers on the pulse of Technology and New York. We are not a large company, so you won't get lost in a giant bureaucracy. We become part of your family. We'll break bread, share drinks. You'll get to know all of us and after we've made a strong bond, we'll create a product that will put you on the map. Our team is dedicated to your expectations and needs.

Career Opportunities

With the diverse range of backgrounds our team comes from,

we're able to solve your problems so you can focus on what you do best, your business.

We can assess and develop your mobile applications,

set up your e-commerce solutions,

and design your mobile websites with some of the best tech guys in the business.

Yeah, we're pretty awesome.

What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

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You flatter us, really, but I saw you last night at the club and you were hustlin' a little bit too much for our tastes. You got to work for this.

Lucky for you, we're running a special: for a measly $1,500, we'll turn you into a Smart car that turns into Wall-E; a true bargain for any budget. For those with considerably more money to spend, we have another option: not turning yourself into a transformer. You're doing just fine.

How are you at game shows? Fraudulent lawsuits?

You and everybody else, pal. As we see it, you have two options: either partner up with us and learn the right way or take the easy shortcut and buy a hovercraft.

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